Reliable Transmission Service maintains a complete line of genuine Allison Transmission parts - new, used and remanufactured. In addition, RTS offers top quality peripheral support parts and equipment. Allison Re-Tran Transmissions AT-MT and MD models are also available from RTS.

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Cables and Controls
RTS is a Morse Controls authorized distributor. We can assemble the cable you need, in the length you want, in minutes. This helps ensure the least possible down time. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, and each cable is rigorously tested to meet strict operating standards.

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Stone Bennett Shift Protection Systems

More than 50 years of design and manufacturing have gone into Bennett Remote Shift Systems. From the beginning the firm's growth and market penetration have steadily increased. Refuse trucks, buses, post drivers, racing vehicles, earth movers, and stationary power units are but a sampling of successful installations throughout the continental United States and several foreign countries. Bennett Shifters are the only passive shifting devices on the market today.

Shift systems can be specifically designed to meet your individual requirements, including multiple remote controls for multiple shifting needs at a very economical price. Systems may be supplied on new equipment from various OEM's or can be retrofitted by your local technician. They are supplied with complete assembly instructions for easy installation.

The Bennett Shifter offers standard protection features such as shift shock and passive shifting. Combined those features increase the life of the transmission and power train.

• Shifting for Allison, Twin Disc, or Clark Trans
• 12 volt, 24 volt, or air powered controls
• Auto neutral (actuation of brake circuit shifts the transmission
• Output connections for additional neutral and reverse needs
• PTO protection of various configurations
• Reverse application counters
• Range lock-out feature
• Remote shift protection circuit
• Rolling shift shock protection

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Telma Frictionless Braking System

Since 1945, Telma has been a worldwide leader in frictionless braking systems. Wherever there is a need for heavy "stop-and-go" brake applications, Telma frictionless braking systems have a solution. From buses and firefighting equipment to emergency vehicles, and refuse trucks, this breakthrough innovation immediately enhances safety and profitability.

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Pall Filtration Products
For all your transmission needs from cleanliness to reliability, Pall designs and manufactures all of its filter media, elements, and housings to ensure that your equipment is protected.

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TransSynd™ Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid
TransSynd™ heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid, is a remarkable synthetic oil exclusively formulated by Castrol for Allison Automatics. It extends Allison transmission oil drain intervals 300%.

Tests prove that TranSynd outperforms other oils on every level: providing superior wear resistance, extending drain intervals, protecting other transmission components, resisting oxidation and sheardown, and improving viscosity stability.

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