Maximize your Profits Through Our Reseller Program
Allison is the world's largest producer of heavy duty automatic and power shift transmissions. Due to the large number of Allison transmissions in use, Reliable Transmission Service resellers can expect the best profit opportunities available in the industry.

Exchange Program
The RTS Exchange Allison Transmission Program allows truck dealers, truck shops and other heavy duty component part outlets an opportunity to sell their customers a quality Exchange Allison Transmission. With our competitive Reseller Exchange Program you fulfill your customers' requirements without the investment of additional, tools, inventory and trained staff.

Parts Warehousing
RTS resellers have access to over a million dollars worth of Allison Transmission and other peripheral parts on the shelf, thus assuring maximum parts availability.

Warranty Policy/Claims Credit Adjustment

Our program is unique to the industry. We recognize that resellers should not have funds tied up on warranty repairs. As such, RTS provides each authorized reseller a credit adjustment equal to the value of all approved claims submitted.

Reliable Transmission Service's individualized training program helps resellers achieve and maintain technical expertise and selling skills.