What are your fleet requirements?

Reliable Transmission Service (RTS), a full service Allison Dealer develops a "custom program" to match the Allison transmission support needed for your fleet. By offering a variety of customer driven services and products, you use as much or as little of our services as needed to successfully meet your fleet's requirement. The following is a brief overview of the products and services that are available...



RTS has a large inventory of remanufactured Allison Transmissions that exceed the standard remanufacturing requirements of Allison. Product improvement updates are an added benefit to using an RTS remanufactured transmission. If value and vehicle uptime is important to you, our transmissions will perform for you.



From changing fluid to replacement of an inoperable transmission, RTS will keep your fleet running with expertly trained technicians at one of our facilities or at your location.



At our authorized Allison service centers all Allison Factory Warranty repairs are performed no charge for defects in Allison products. RTS can also perform warranty repairs at your location by our trained technicians.


Genuine Allison OEM Parts

RTS has the parts needed to keep your fleet operating with minimal downtime and with maximum service life. From Allison maintenance parts to electronic control components, they are always available at RTS.




Knowledge is wisdom. Having a staff of employees that are knowledgeable about how to operate, maintain, and repair expensive vehicles is important to productivity and long service life of these vehicles. RTS makes available on-site training for your drivers, and maintenance staff. Our training programs are customized to fit your specific fleet's operating requirements. The outcome is measured in confindent and knowledgable staff that can produce increased vehcile up time, increased driver productivity, and reduced maintenance and operating cost. Wisdom is priceless!



RTS has support available at any time to keep your vehicle in operation. For assistance, and to keep your business moving, contact us!


Telma Electromagnetic Retarders

We are an authorized Telma Retarder Dealer. Telma frictionless braking systems are the leader in secondary braking systems. Financial savings from normal brake wear can be recognized when you retrofit or install a Telma on a new vehicle. Increased vehicle safety is valued and needed feature.


Air to Air Coolers

Antifreeze getting into your transmission, or your engine overheating, can cause a catastrophic transmission failure. Protect your investment by having RTS install a remote transmission oil cooler on your vehicle today.

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